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The immediate need funeral services offered by help ease the burden for those who have experienced or are anticipating the loss of a loved one. Contact us now for assistance with planning an immediate need funeral in Philadelphia. You are not alone.

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Immediate Steps to Take When a Death Occurs 

A family planning an immediate need funeral at Philadelphia Catholic Cemeteries

Years of funeral planning in Philadelphia has taught us that many families need guidance on what immediate steps should be taken when a death occurs.

It can be a highly emotional and confusing time when a loved one passes. For that reason, we have listed the immediate key steps that should be taken before planning a Catholic funeral, to ensure proper care for your loved one.

  1. Call 911 immediately if there is an unexpected death in your home. Upon arrival, the medical team will provide specific instruction on next steps. If your loved one was under hospice care, call the hospice immediately and they will take charge of the situation.
  2. Contact people who need to know as soon as possible. This can include close family and friends, the deceased's lawyer, and the deceased's physician if a hospice is not involved). If the deceased cared for any dependents, make arrangements immediately for their safe care.
  3. Look for any written instructions such as a Letter of Instruction, Final Instructions, or Disposition Authorization. These documents may outline key details for funeral or memorial service arrangements and burial or cremation arrangements. Next, determine if the deceased named a "Designated Agent" to take care of the arrangements. You should also determine if the deceased left any direction on donating organs or tissue upon their death.
  4. Contact us if you are the Designated Agent (or if there is none and you are taking responsibility). When you have an immediate funeral need, the services at begin with a conference to determine final arrangements.

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