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Owning Cemetery Space at an Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic Cemetery Couldn't Be Easier

You've realized that advance planning your burial is a smart financial investment. Now you want information on cemetery plot locations, the order process and more. Our free Catholic burial planning guide can help. Simply fill out the form on the right and all the information you need will arrive within minutes to your email.

What's Inside Your Free Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic Cemetery Advance Planning Guide?

Whether you want to be buried by a traditional ground burial, cremated within the guidelines of the Catholic Church, or aren't sure yet, our Philadelphia Archdiocese planning guide includes useful information for you:

  • Information on burial advance planning
  • Useful tips and advice
  • Important details

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What Are the Benefits of Advance Planning Now?

Arranging your burial and memorialization in advance shows extreme generosity and care for your family by removing the need for them to make any decisions or pay any additional costs during their time of grief. Just some of the many benefits of advance planning your Catholic burial include:

To spare your loved ones from additional stress and burial expenses, get a free guide on advance planning a Catholic burial now with detailed information and no obligation.

  • Eliminate inflation by locking-in today’s prices, forever
  • Protect your family from the heartache and burden of purchasing cemetery space while grieving
  • Prevent emotion-driven overspending on burial expenses
  • Guarantee your space location preference
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing “it’s all taken care of”