Archdiocese of Philadelphia Grave Markers

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Grave Markers

Grave markers are the plaques at a gravesite that identify and honor the deceased. The Catholic grave markers that we have for sale are a classic style of flat granite, installed on a granite stone base.

Come, you whom my Father has blessed, says the Lord; inherit the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world.

Matthew 25: 34

What factors affect the costs of grave markers in Philadelphia

If you want an in-ground burial, you will want some type of memorial, such as an upright monument. Costs tend to be lower for grave markers, but final costs do depend on the size, material, and amount of inscription included. Information typically inscribed includes:
  • The deceased’s name
  • Date of birth and death
  • Personal information about the deceased, Scripture passages, or the approved prayers of the Catholic Church.

Have You Already Selected Your Space?

Schedule a consultation to speak with a burial planning advisor about securing cemetery products.

Schedule a consultation to speak with a burial planning advisor about securing cemetery products.

Why pre-purchase a Catholic cemetery grave marker?

Advance planning your cemetery needs now can ensure that you get the exact type of grave marker you'd prefer and it has the exact inscription you'd want for your legacy. Plus, the cost of an Archdiocese of Philadelphia grave marker is lower now than it will be when it becomes time for your family to purchase what they think you would have wanted.

If you want to learn more about pre-purchasing grave markers for an Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic cemetery, request a free, no-obligation planning kit now.

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