Grave Opening-and-Closing Services for Philadelphia Catholic Cemeteries

Every burial plan for the Philadelphia, PA area needs to account for the cost of opening and closing a grave. This service is a requirement for any burial.

This is the will of my Father, says the Lord, that all who believe in the Son will have eternal life and I will raise them to life on the last day.

John 6: 40

What’s involved in a Philadelphia-area grave opening and closing service?

A grave opening and closing service from an Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic cemetery is performed at the time of the service. It works like this:
  • Opening the ground grave
  • Preparing the site for the service, in terms of appearance and allowing for proper footing for all visitors
  • Back-filling the grave
  • Landscaping the area for on-going beauty

Opening and closing services for mausoleums

Grave opening and closing services are also required for mausoleum crypt entombment. Costs will vary between grave opening services and entombment services.

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