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How Pre-Paid Catholic Cemetery Burial Plans Work

What Are Philadelphia Catholic Cemetery Pre-Paid Burial Plans?

Pre-planning your Catholic burial in an Archdiocese of Philadelphia cemetery means relieving your family of difficult expenses and decisions by handling all the details of your burial and memorialization in advance.

  • Choose the specific cemetery space location and items you want
  • Purchase your space and related items at today’s prices to save your family from having to
  • pay inflated costs during their time of loss
  • Spare your family from the added stress of trying to decide what they think you would want

More than 50 percent of Americans ages 50-74 pre-plan their burial needs (source: Wirthlin Market Research)

Imagine the calming peace-of-mind you’ll have after pre-planning your Catholic burial with the Philadelphia Archdiocese. You can rest easy knowing that it’s all taken care of at a cemetery where final resting places for the faithful departed are inspirational reminders for the living...the promise of everlasting life.

How involved is burial pre-planning?

Planning a pre-paid burial in a Philadelphia-area Catholic cemetery is a simple and straightforward three-step process:

  • Choose in-ground, above ground, or cremation burial
  • Choose the location of your burial space
  • Choose the necessary burial items

This site will walk you through each step of pre-paid burial plans with the Philadelphia Archdiocese:

Step 1: Choose your preferred type of burial

First, determine if you want to be buried in the ground with a flat granite or bronze marker or tombstone, above the ground in a private or community mausoleum, or cremated. You can get helpful details about all options on our burial options overview page.

If you find you need additional guidance on Roman Catholic cemetery burial pre-planning, you can speak to a caring, knowledgeable representative at one of our 12 Archdiocese of Philadelphia cemeteries.

Step 2: Choose the specific location of your burial space

You may already know which Catholic cemetery of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia you want, but you can also select the exact location within that cemetery. We provide three easy ways to do this:

  • In-Person – Make a no-obligation appointment in your home or at your preferred cemetery’s office. You’ll receive a comprehensive consultation tailored to your specific pre-paid burial plan and burial preferences.
  • Phone – Have a brief and informative phone conversation with a burial planning expert. Based on your discussion, the representative will mail you a customized agreement.
  • Mail – Request a no-obligation planning kit and we'll send you a helpful packet that includes everything you need to purchase cemetery space right through the U.S. mail.

Step 3: Choose all necessary burial items for your burial

Depending on your burial preference, a number of items are required. You can review the below chart to determine what items are required for any Catholic burial.

Type of Space Burial Items Necessary for a Complete Plan


1. Vault
2. Opening-and-Closing
3. Marker or Monument
4. Casket

Many of our land customers subsequently purchase their opening-and-closing and vault (in turn finalizing the space arrangements). At a later date, the memorial, and then finally the casket, are purchased, resulting in a complete land (in-ground) pre-paid burial plan.

Mausoleum Crypt
(Community and Private)

1. Opening-and-Closing
2. Casket

Cremation - Land

1. Urn
2. Vault
3. Opening-and-Closing
4. Marker or Monument
5. Casket (unless cremation occurs directly at death)

Cremation - Niche
(Mausoleum or Columbarium)

1. Urn
2. Niche Opening-and-Closing


If you would like additional details on Catholic Cemetery burial pre-planning at a Philadelphia-area cemetery, request a free, no-obligation planning kit now