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Catholic Burial Options for the Philadelphia Area

Get Help Choosing What’s Best for You and Your Family

Being buried and memorialized at a Catholic Cemetery of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia forges a lasting connection between you, your family, and your church. Choosing the specific type of burial from the various memorialization options is a profoundly personal decision that helps strengthen that connection.

The five links below provide details and guidance on the burial and funeral options available. This includes in-ground, above ground in a mausoleum, and cremation options approved by the church.

The Five Types of Philadelphia Archdiocese Burial Options

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After reading through the above information, if you have any additional questions or considerations about the burial types at our Philadelphia-area cemeteries, you can visit a cemetery and speak to someone with personal experience. Find your preferred cemetery.

If you have determined the best burial options with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for you and your family, you can start the process of securing all the items now by requesting a free, no-obligation kit be mailed to you. Once you’ve completed the process of pre-planning your burial, you and your family won’t have to worry about any other details. And at the time of need, everything will be taken care of.